Bento Gonçalves

Located in the heart of Brazil's wine region, Bento Gonçalves offers fantastic cycling roads, beautiful views of vineyard-covered hills and excellent gastronomy and wines. Italian immigration has played a big role in shaping the architecture, cuisine, viticulture and landscapes, resulting in a region that looks and feels like Italy with a Brazilian twist. The rolling hills serve up lots of cycling fun on twisty roads making your trip to Bento Goncalves a fantastic cycling vacation.

Bento Gonçalves is also home to the Vale dos Vinhedos, named after the region's valleys covered with vineyards. It's comprised of small farms, family-owned and internationally renowned wineries, hotels, restaurants, art galleries and gourmet food stores. The route starts on BR-470, south of Bento Gonçalves, and continues west on RS-444 through the valley towards Santa Tereza. The wines from Vale dos Vinhedos are the only wines from Brazil that have the Denomination of Origin (DO). 

You will be delighted by the hospitality of the locals combined with the high quality tourism infrastructure available. The state of Rio Grande do Sol is a major international tourist destination in Brazil, being the 2nd largest international traveler destination after Sao Paulo, with Rio de Janeiro being 3rd. Because of this national and international tourism appeal, you will find a large variety of hotels, inns and restaurants at every budget, welcoming you when you come to GFNY Bento Gonçalves.

Caminhos de Pedra

There are seven kilometers permeated by beautiful stone and wood constructions, building a scenario that transports you directly to the north of Italy. The Caminhos de Pedra, 13 kilometers from the city center, are part of one of the most impressive walks in Bento Gonçalves.

In addition to being stunning, the path also tells a lot about the history of Italian colonization of the place: from the names of the streets to the plates with the surnames of the families that perpetuated there, there is tradition everywhere.

Vale dos Vinhedos

In Vale dos Vinhedos are some of the most renowned wineries in the country. There are more than 30 points of grape cultivation and wine production, ranging from small farms to large buildings, modernized and specialized in the production of the drink. The best-known brands, Miolo and Casa Valduga, are among them.

Rota Cantinas Históricas

For those who appreciate good Italian food, this tour cannot be left out of the itinerary! The tour, which also refers to the history of immigrants, offers enchanting views and breathtaking snacks!

Pipa Pórtico

Often photographed by tourists visiting Bento Gonçalves, the city's entrance portico, in the shape of a kite (barrel), is an unmissable tourist spot.

With a height of 17 meters, the portico greets tourists with the message “you are entering the world of wine”, and already anticipates what lies ahead on the tour!

Passeio de Maria Fumaça

The classic Maria fumaça tour has a route of 23 kilometers and passes through the municipalities of Bento Gonçalves, Garibaldi and Carlos Barbosa. The tour takes about two hours, accompanied by Italian songs, wine tastings and tastings of sparkling wines produced in the region.

Museu do Imigrante

Located in a building dating from 1913, the Immigrant Museum was founded in the 70s with the aim of perpetuating the legacy of Italian immigration in the city. The museum's collection has more than 15,000 pieces.

Ponte dos Arcos

With almost 230 meters in length, the Ernesto Dorneles Bridge, popularly known as Ponte dos Arcos, connects the municipalities of Bento Gonçalves and Veranópolis. It is worth a visit due to the beautiful landscape around the building.

Parque cultural Epopeia Italiana

One of the tourist attractions in Bento Gonçalves dedicated to the perpetuation of immigrant culture, the Epopeia Italiana is truly a spectacle on its own.

With life-size sets, the presentations portray the history of immigration, in a staging lasting about 45 minutes. Fun and culture for the whole family!

Via del Vino

How about a fountain that gushes wine? In the center of Bento Gonçalves, in the middle of Via del Vino, this is possible! The reproduction, which attracts the eyes of tourists, is just a staging made with colored water at the La Fontana fountain, but it yields jaw-dropping records!

Igreja Cristo Rei

If you enjoy religious tourism, you can't miss the Cristo Rei Church, located in the Cidade Alta neighborhood. Inaugurated in 1954, the work took another 24 years to complete.

Its neo-Gothic style draws it, due to its pointed towers and geometries and the statues of winged lions in front of the majestic entrance portals. Inside, a span of 40 meters high and three altars. In the windows, beautiful stained glass windows decorated with brocades.

Monte Belo

With exuberant scenery and the possibility to try the best wines and sparkling wines in the country, and spectacular cuisine, Monte Belo do Sul stands out in Tourism.


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